Safe & Secure Shopping

At, we understand the worth of cash and security and hence, don't take the payment security in any lenient manner. We use SSL encryption technology because it the simplest technology to form online payments secure and personal . it's impossible to steal card details or temper with the gateway as all that information is encrypted multi-dimensionally. Our payment gateway is verified by VISA and that we strictly follow the rules by Payment Card Industry.

None of the knowledge you enter during your payment process is stored in our database. The backend team of is strictly forbidden to access or collect any personal information of our customers with none valid reason. you'll trust our payment gateway and that we assure you that your card details and identity information won't be disclosed from our side. However, just in case of any legal issue, we may need to do so.

Anti Spam Policy is a web pharmacy that absolutely believes in educating and generating awareness about such spam emails. This ensures that folks coming to our website are completely safe from such frauds. the subsequent are the essential ways to avoid spam calls, messages, and emails.