Terms and Conditions

Our online pharmacy, genericeveryday.com advises you to go through its terms and conditions carefully, prior to making any deal.
genericeveryday.com has every single right to switch the web site additionally to its rules and regulations at any given time. Do check the required policies, conditions whenever before making a affect genericeveryday.com
All the products that the genericeveryday.com, the web medical store offers are produced by Indian manufacturers also as manufacturers from other countries in accordance with the FDA/WHO standards. Buyers can place bulk orders with this credible Indian online pharmacy just for personal use (not for sale) with none fear of being duped.
The chemical composition of generic drugs that genericeveryday.com offers is analogous thereto of their counterparts within the US. The subsidiary Indian pharmaceutical companies obtain a license from chief pharmaceutical companies for the patent prescribed drugs then put them up purchasable at a coffee price.
The mastercard will immediately be billed right after the acquisition . You’ll receive an email notification stating all the payment details. Remember that we don’t deliver the order within 24 hours so on provide you with the likelihood to update, change or cancel your address and/or ordered item.
It is advisable to print out the transaction information also as Terms of Use and keep them during a quickly accessible place.

The User Agreement:
The user understands and agrees that the medicines ordered from our online pharmacy, genericeveryday.com are for private consumption and use, and not for reselling.
The user understands and agrees that the medicines are prepared in various countries. The country of origin is evidently mentioned on the package.
The user must not decide on taking the medication without consulting a physician and their conformity.
The user agrees to first make contact with us if any problem is encountered with the order.
You voluntarily accept the above-mentioned terms and conditions by using the services provided by our online medical store, genericeveryday.com. And by accepting them, you mean that you just have more responsible all the policy sections of genericeveryday.com and comply with them also .

Your Personal Information
Our online pharmacy, genericeveryday.com respects your right to privacy and is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. the knowledge that’s collected from our customers is employed to supply them with a superior shopping experience. once you order, we'll ask you to line up "your account”, which incorporates your name, e-mail address, address , mastercard number and expiration date, also as certain other information once you order drugs. We protect your account information against unauthorized access or release. we'll not give any personally identifiable information to any third party, unless we are legally required to try to to so.

To protect the privacy of its customers, our online medical store, genericeveryday.com makes sure all the personally identifiable information its customers provide it with is encryption-protected. We use SSL encryption technology before sending our customers’ personally identifiable information over the planet Wide Web. This makes it virtually impossible for the personally identifiable information to be stolen by unauthorized parties while it's being transferred to genericeveryday.com. The mastercard details that our customers provide us with also are stored during a n encrypted format in a database that's not connected to the web to make sure safety and confidentiality.

Your Consent
By using the services provided by our online pharmacy, genericeveryday.com, you consent to the gathering and use of your personally identifiable information by genericeveryday.com. If we ever revise or modify our Privacy Policy, all the amendments that are made are going to be posted on this page to form sure our customers are conscious of all the personally identifiable information that's being collected from them, how that personally identifiable information is being put to use and in what events, if any, we may disclose it.

Your Comments
We, at genericeveryday.com value our customers’ feedback. just in case you've got any queries or opinions about this Privacy Policy, be happy to correspond with us via e-mail. Drop us an e-mail at admin@genericeveryday.com

Shipping Policy
All orders are going to be charged a shipping fee which is predicated on the load of the consignment. Please allow up to 4 working days for shipping.

Rates may change
Shipping rates and policies may, at any given point of your time , change with none prior notice thanks to factors beyond our control.

Default shipping address
The shipping address are going to be the address your most up-to-date order was shipped to, by default. However, you'll modify/change your shipping address. Simply click on the “Select a special Address” button. you'll tend two options- you'll either select a special address from the addresses stored otherwise you can add a replacement address.

Our Drug Policy:
Our online pharmacy, genericeveryday.com won't , under any circumstances ship any narcotics or controlled substances including (but not limited to) Benzodiazepines to any of its customers.